Winter Fixes

Since last I post bug fixes, darkness has covered the Earth… except the Southern Hemisphere. So Australia’s cool.

  • Fixed some issues with Christmases long long ago intruding on this year’s festivities. Thanks Al and Borkman.
  • Changed up the alt text on techniques a bit so it contains the chain number. Good suggestion, Calevaro!
  • Gang members that logged in during the last month are now bolded. Good suggestion, Cryptodynamic!
  • Made the Happy Hour a little happier. Thanks, Al!
  • Blood is blood is blood, thanks Cryptodynamic!
  • Armored snakes no longer accidentally poison themselves. Thanks, Cryptodynamic.
  • Lead Shot and Chipped Tracer are now appropriately sciency. Good catch, Al.
  • Fixed some shifting maze quirks, thanks to Cryptodynamic.

Thanks to Heriodule, xKiv, Al, and Cryptodynamic for some help finding typos. And apologies to anyone who’s help I missed. If I did forget you, let me know and I’ll sort it out.


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