This Was Halloween

Following Halloween and other madness, we’ve fixed a whole swarm of bugs. Let’s thank the ones who helped us get there!

  • The Cellar Door yakuza should be less fussy about taking drinks. Thanks, Xerf!
  • Caught some missing body requirements, thanks to GoldS.
  • Corrected some issues with a dusty old library, thanks to Borkman and Cryptodynamic.
  • You can now offer the dragon’s flower to the sorceress as implied in the text. Good catch, GoldS.
  • Spears work just as well for killing certain dragons as swords. Good suggestion, Cryptodynamic.
  • Corrected an issue with offering the queen blood, thanks to GoldS and Cryptodynamic.
  • Fixed several other issues with the dusty fantasy as well thanks to Cryptodynamic.
  • Told Jess to correct some issues with her reporting. Thanks Al, Cryptodynamic, and DoctrZombie.
  • Thanks to Cryptodynamic and Xerf for finding some issues in the ballroom.
  • Selling pearl necklaces works properly now, thanks to GoldS.
  • Fixed some issues with bobbing for apples with Happy Yeti, which sounds like a great show. I’d watch Bobbing for Apples with Happy Yeti.

And thanks to Borkman, Xerf, GoldS, Cryptodynamic, and Amasius for finding some typos for us.


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