Update Chain!

Made a whole bunch of minor updates today, detailed below:

  • The Inventory and Crafting screens now remember which sub-screen you were in until you log off.
  • Crafting also keeps focus on the recipes and items you used last. This should make experimenting and the occasional multi-recipe bonanza a little easier.
  • The PHP warnings in the Inventory should be gone for good.
  • When you’re logged off, the game should now try to break out of frames, although this won’t necessarily work 100%.
  • Gang Enforcers in the Fang hideout were using bugged to use some overly long (and nonsensical) chains of attacks. This should be fixed and, among other things, bring them closer to their intended difficulty.
  • Added placeholder text for Lo, David, and Dr. Amundsen after completion of the Slags quest.
  • There’s a temporary leaderboard of sorts in The Quad for the holiday event. It’ll be taken down when extra-special presents are given out (25th or so).


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