Reset Option

Several players have asked about a way to go back and either re-explore or more thoroughly test earlier content. The way the content is put together in Metroplexity, however, is tied together very closely.

But, I’m not the type to say “no” to people testing stuff thoroughly, so here’s what we can manage. There is now an option under your quest log (if you’re done with the main quest content available so far) to reset your character.

For all intents and purposes this sets you back to a beginning character. Any non-quest items and your credits can be retrieved when you get back through the main quest content. Everything else, unfortunately, has to be wiped.

Now this is fairly intense, and honestly not exactly what people were hoping for, so there is an additional feature I added in there as a “thank you going the extra mile testing.” There is a leader board, visible from your character after you’ve reset or the profile of someone who has reset.

When we move out of Beta, the reset option will be replaced with a more interesting final version and everyone who’s reset will get prizes. And those near the top of the leaderboard (having tested all the content multiple times) get additional prizes.

So, thanks to everyone for their help testing. If you feel you mixed something up, want to compete for prizes, or just want to explore the content more, feel free to use the reset option.

There have been a few changes that will be of note to those resetting:

  • Items now display their type (Weapon, Shirt, etc.) and whether they’re a quest item on the description screen. I was very sparing with the ‘quest’ flag, so you won’t see it crop up often.
  • Short Burst has changed to be weaker normally but stronger as a closer. Beginning Techniques now include Short Burst instead of Lash Out so they sit more squarely in the range.
  • The interaction in the Southside Park quest between the two options is more clearcut.
  • The Clip of Explosive Bullets item and the quantity you get have been changes pretty notably.


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