Today’s Updates

Have a nice crop of updates this morning.

  • First off, I added a ‘hint’ for what Techniques can advance a chain (thanks for the suggestion Nytmare). If you’re not seeing them, you’ll probably need to clear your cache. I’m curious what people’s thoughts are on this: good learning tool, nice reminder, confusing, too intrusive?
  • The header pane will now autorefresh every five minutes or so (checking for new messages). Thanks to Mag for the suggestion here.
  • Gang hideouts will no longer help you in the Ghost Ship or Beneath the Charnel House. Good suggestion, PaidPiedPiperPal.
  • I changed the method of getting the Brutality Technique slightly. You should see less of them and have more control over how many you see. The Kitchen Sink kicked this off, but blame me if you don’t like the implementation :)
  • The ghost ship should now lock properly after you finish the quest. Thanks Mag.
  • I added information about targeting to the Info page, which was sorely lacking. Anything else that seems like it should go in there, drop me a line. Thanks to The Kitchen Sink for the note here.
  • And a heaping helping of typo fixes courtesy of Man Mobile, Metro, Prestige, Mag, and Argeth.

Thanks everybody! I’m going to hide in a hole and bang out some PvP changes. Any feedback on the question mark ‘hints’ (or anything else, for that matter) is appreciated.


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