Post Update Cleanup

As you’d imagine, we’ve got a good batch of fixes from the Gang Warfare update. There were actually fewer than I was expecting, which is nice.

Here’s the list:

  • Beancounters should now be labeled consistently across screens rather than being “Stash” in some places and “Beancounters” others. Thanks, Mag, for pointing this one out.
  • Your currently selected Avatar is now displayed first (with explanation). Special order for PaidPiedPiperPal.
  • Old NPC messages (from contacts) are now cleared when you Beta Reset. Thanks for the suggestion, LlamaMan.
  • Brutality was still irritatingly common. That should be fixed now. If it went to far in the opposite directly, we’ll tweak more. Thanks to The Kitchen Sink for the note.
  • The smuggling section in the ‘Gang Stash’ tab now displays the amount you have spent on smugglers, regardless of whether you have any profits to give them. Good suggestion, PaidPiedPiperPal.
  • Adding profits to your smuggler doesn’t wait for you to reload the page to correctly display profits. Good catch, The Kitchen Sink.
  • Fixed a bug right at release where installing a smuggler required you have a smuggler. <_< >_> Thanks, PaidPiedPiperPal.
  • Also had a heaping helping of typos reported by Argeth, Man Mobile, PaidPiedPiperPal, and The Kitchen Sink.

Thanks everybody!


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