State of the Game – November 8th

Just wanted to give an update of where we’re at as of now. Its been a few weeks since the last update, mostly because I’ve been distracted by the election. Now that’s over and I can get back to developing.

As such, I wanted to go over what’s in and what’s upcoming.

What’s in now?

  • The first three quests in the main quest line, including three areas and a whole bunch of subareas.
  • Areas (and people) reflect the changes brought about by these quests.
  • A bunch of skills, some granted by sidequests.
  • A whole lot of different Techniques, allowing a wide variety of tactics in combat.
  • Messages now allow credit, but not item, attachments.

What isn’t in?

  • Chat is still backburnered until demand increases. Feel free to use the Bug Report feature to request this or any other feature.
  • Usable skills are held back until I need them. I’d say expect these around the time of The Four quest (after the Slags).
  • Crafting, Hacking, and Cybernetics fall in the same boat as usable skills. Some of the groundwork for crafting will be in with the next wave of content, but it will be a bit before the game needs it.

What’s next?

  • The big thing that’s next is an alternate way to complete the University quest. It ties up a few loose ends in other subplots as well.
  • Updates to areas affected by the University quest.
  • The Slags quest is the next step in the main chain, but I’ll probably be putting in a side quest or two before then.


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