Week of Fixes

Fair number of fixes and tweaks, but nothing that really jumps out and bites me. Maybe you’ll find something that excites you, though.

  • There are now warnings in combat when your deck is running down (or out and you’re on your last legs). Also, you can mouseover ‘Techniques’ there and get an exact count. Good suggestion, Llamaman.
  • Times in the Gang Log now display a date if you mouseover them. Thanks for the suggestion, Ganymed!
  • The Hoop Jump technique is now properly letting you weave closer and further from enemies. Thanks Mag!
  • Corrected some issues with the Storm Hawk’s and Masked Owl’s techniques. Good catches, Al!
  • There’s now an illuminating error when you try to craft without selecting a recipe. Thanks for the bug report, ne0x.
  • Optical needler now counts as a needler. Thanks for helping me keep things tautological, Razunar.
  • Using a chain with solely ‘Do Nothing’ now refreshes your hand like entering an empty chain. Thanks Al for pointing this out, although I know you won’t be excited to see this is the fix.

Also special thanks to Vholes Piper, Mag, ne0x, Al, suuljin, Llamaman, xKiv, Cryptodynamic, and Thrillhouse for rounding up some typos. We will see them driven before us!


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