A Few Updates

Between resting and working on Christmas, I’ve squeezed in a few updates.

  • You can now retrieve items from Zack multiple times a run (for example, if it spans seasons). Thanks for pointing that out, Al.
  • Added conversation options to Zack regarding the seasonal reset rewards. Good call, Mag.
  • The OmniMall now sends messages to gift receivers explaining how to get their gifts if they don’t already have OmniMall access. Thanks for the suggestion, Sir Cheddar.
  • Fixed a few bugs preventing seasonal reset rewards from being handed out in a timely fashion. Thanks Mag and Factitious!
  • Corrected a bug where stuns weren’t consistently disrupting Techniques that depend on their predecessors (like Swordplay). Thanks Xerf!

Also thanks to Xerf, Suuljin, Cryptodynamic, Mag, Factitious, and GoldS for their continued effort typo-slaying.

*wanders off humming “Blessed is the OmniMall”*


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