The Floodgates

So, apparently I underestimated how many more bug reports I get when I post the fixes in the devblog. Nothing major, but a list of changes for the week:

  • All opponents should use Brutality appropriately now. Some were getting the bonus damage even if you had a Technique. Filthy cheating enemies.
  • Fixed a bug causing improbable guns to decay too quickly. Good catch, Cryptodynamic!
  • Updated the art for Brutality and fishing in the sewers to be less confusing. Thanks for the suggestions, Al!
  • Sorted out some weirdness eating specters. Thanks for eating absolutely everyone, Vholes!
  • Free fights should now properly refresh the character pane. Thanks again, Al!
  • Corrected some weird encounter logic in the Winter of our souls… I mean, the Fractured Reflection. Direct all applause to Vholes Piper.

And thanks to Barton26, Mag, GoldS, Arkaim, and Vholes Piper for typo reports.


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