February Fixes

Hello! We’ve got another round of bug fixes here. Should be exciting :)

  • I’ve been adding a lot to PvP and breaking just as much in my wake. Thanks to Mag, PenguinPyro, and Heriodule for helping keep things straight.
  • Inject Relay should now be working properly. Thanks, Al!
  • Zach’s question about the Grapple Gauntlets won’t go to a completely weird place now. Thanks for the bug report, xKiv and Heriodule.
  • And frag grenades will now work in the Abandoned Building if you don’t have any gas grenades handy. Good catch, Arkaim.

Also thanks to Mag, Barton26, DoctrZombie, Vholes Piper, Arkaim, GoldS, and Al for some typo fixes.


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