August Bug Fixes

We have a nice round of August bug fixes. They’re not quite as majestic as august bug fixes, but we’ll make do.

  • Midgard Biotech now has its daily allotment of vitamin Hound. Good call, Heriodule!
  • Added a conversation option for Dr. Thomas when you believe your trail is dead. Thanks for the suggestion, BigBellyJarelli.
  • Fixed an issue eating multiple crystal spines. Om nom nom. Thanks Al!
  • Sorted out some issues with fishing modifiers. Thanks for the extreme spading, Valmo.
  • Bat Swarms’ attacks should now be working as they describe. Good eyes, Al.
  • Fixed some issues with Hel not accepting the new suit. What can I say? She’s a containment suit hipster. Thanks, Heriodule!
  • Muffled Sight is now cleared properly by the Slags Antidote. Good suggestion, Al.

Also fixed up a whole load of typos thanks to Mag, Vholes Piper, Cryptodynamic, Al, Argeth, Barton26, Valmo, and GoldS! Woooooo!


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