Talky Changes

Mostly a collection of changes from various podcasts, but I’m sure a few unrelated fixes have slipped in as well.

  • Attacks now display their types. Thanks to Plus4 for kicking this off.
  • Corrected an issue with the garbage sticker picking up PHP errors. Thanks to Cryptodynamic, Vholes Piper, Arkaim, and anyone who declined to report it because they communicated they had.
  • Fuming Acid and the enemy technique Acid Spit now interacts properly with Writhing Flesh, because Science! Good suggestion, Al.
  • Buffed stone’s beatstick and pistol. Good call, Mag.
  • Gave Whiteout the proper type label. Thanks, Al!
  • Corporate Y5s have old software, but not old enough to be incompatible with Novos. Good catch Cryptodynamic!

And thanks to Borkman, Cryptodynamic, Arkaim, Mag, Al, and Argeth for helping me sort out some typos.


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