December Bug Fixes

Fixing up some coffee and Oldtown issues to get everything ready for snow.

  • Fixed some of the routes into the Records Vault. Thanks for the bug report, Al.
  • Resting in the vault shouldn’t throw a fit. Thanks, Cryptodynamic!
  • Making multiple pots of coffee at once should work properly now, thanks to Valmo.
  • Corrected some issues with “smart” quotes thanks to Al and Cryptodynamic.
  • Encouraged the citizens of Oldtown to stop throwing out lenses focused on the distance. Thanks, Cryptodynamic.
  • Random seed samples are delicious and, now, appropriately edible thanks to Al.
  • Fixed Sudden Adaptation’s base damage. Good catch, Cryptodynamic.
  • Corrected some hand mirror seeding, thanks to Arkaim and Al.

Thanks to Heriodule, Plus4, Borkman, and Cryptodynamic for helping with typos.


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