Zack’s House of Coins

The first donation item is now up! Check out Zack at Mikhail’s in Southside for some details.

It has a lot going on, more than many donation items probably will. It lets you interact with attributes in a couple of new ways, has several forms, and can be upgraded as you learn its secrets. Using it works sort of outside the normal Energy structure, so you can play with it without worrying about running all your Energy out.

I think it’s pretty cool, but I’m new at this whole “donation item” thing, so we’ll see how it turns out together.

This item will rotate out eventually, but it probably won’t be for quite a while. I’ll give quite a bit of notice before that happens.

As a side note, the item is only tradable in one form. You can change it back and forth from that form, so it’s not soul bound or anything, it’ll just work better if there aren’t four versions of the item in the Mall.

On a people are awesome note: unearthly coins were being duplicated due to a bug briefly today and both people who the bug affected reported it. Three cheers for ThrillHouse and PaidPiedPiperPal. Hip hip huzzah!


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