Today’s Updates

Little round of updates today, then back to work on the Survivors’ Quest.

  • How item use is handled on the back end was changed. Huge thank you to Sir Cheddar for reporting a major bug I introduced doing this. If you see anything else strange with item use, drop me a line.
  • The refresh on chat has been dropped down to 10 seconds. If need be, it can go lower, I’m just inching down so I don’t use the server more than we need to. Thanks to Genesis Rhapsodos and The Kitchen Sink for bringing this one to me.
  • The quest log is now more discriminating about how you ticked off the Squatter King. Thanks Wyrd!
  • Also thanks to Sir Cheddar for unveiling some typos.

Also, I got distracted and *bam* there’s about a dozen new crafting combinations. Hope nobody minds :)


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