April Updates Bring…

Wanted to mention some of the updates that have gone in recently. Mostly I’ve been working on the Survivor’s Quest pre-content, which is coming along now.

  • In the inventory, empty equipment slots are listed if you have some of that item type available. Thanks to Mag for the suggestion.
  • Corrected an error where Vigilante fights weren’t costing Energy consistently. Good catch, NeonGrey!
  • Fixed up the dates on the Updates pane to say 2010… you know, the year we’ve been in for a while. Thanks for catching that, DanBob!
  • Corrected how stuns (mostly Petrol Splash) are displayed so you shouldn’t run into situations where a stun is displayed after a round where they did nothing. This was the topic of enough bug reports, I figured it counts as broken.
  • Percentage Penalties are now displayed properly.
  • And some good ol’ fashioned typo fixes from Llamaman, Vholes Piper, Mag, NeonGrey, and Cryptodynamic.


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