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Fishing for Updates

Tuesday, May 18th, 2010

Hey everybody! We’ve got a nice round of updates and bug fixes here that I figured I’d mention.

  • Added some mushroom related goodies. Thanks for the inspiration RazielSonofKain!
  • Gang messages now have a ‘Send to All’ feature from the gang screen. Good suggestion, Glass!
  • Made fishing start working again after the update. Thanks to Sir Cheddar and Cryptodynamic!
  • High Test line encounters should properly grant XP and give continue on options. Thanks Sir Cheddar!
  • The Ghoul King should now correctly report the number of favors he owes you. Thanks, Neongrey!
  • Corrected a bug where certain sushi wasn’t working properly. Thanks Al and GoldS for the bug report!
  • Also corrected a load of typos thanks to GoldS, Glass, Ricket, RazielSonofKain, Sir Cheddar, and Mag. Especially Mag.


April Updates Bring…

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

Wanted to mention some of the updates that have gone in recently. Mostly I’ve been working on the Survivor’s Quest pre-content, which is coming along now.

  • In the inventory, empty equipment slots are listed if you have some of that item type available. Thanks to Mag for the suggestion.
  • Corrected an error where Vigilante fights weren’t costing Energy consistently. Good catch, NeonGrey!
  • Fixed up the dates on the Updates pane to say 2010… you know, the year we’ve been in for a while. Thanks for catching that, DanBob!
  • Corrected how stuns (mostly Petrol Splash) are displayed so you shouldn’t run into situations where a stun is displayed after a round where they did nothing. This was the topic of enough bug reports, I figured it counts as broken.
  • Percentage Penalties are now displayed properly.
  • And some good ol’ fashioned typo fixes from Llamaman, Vholes Piper, Mag, NeonGrey, and Cryptodynamic.