Raft of Changes

  • There is now more dialogue in the Slags quest to represent quite reasonable hesitations. Thanks for the suggestion, Wyrd!
  • The Squatter’s Son quest will now give more feedback in the completed section of the quest log. Good suggestion, RazielSonOfKain.
  • Fixed another interesting wrinkle in Petrol Splash. It should stun consistently against more complex Techniques now. Thanks for the quality bug report, Harrakan.
  • Fixed a bug with the pitted thermos being replaced by a nonexistant item in drops. Good find, Llamaman.
  • Removed the vestigal credits field from the replying mail form. Thanks, Harrakan.
  • Corrected an issue with gang warfare messages not appearing after yesterday’s chat changes. Thanks for the bug report, Dudeathome.
  • Also fixed up some typos from Borkman, Mag, and Man Mobile. Thanks!


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