Bits and Pieces

I’ve mostly been unpacking and working on the Survivors’ Quest, but I’ve also snuck out a few changes. Nothing too major, but wanted to make sure they didn’t get lost down the memory hole.

  • If you have a Christmas Tree up, your ornaments are visible from your profile. Thanks to Al for finally prodding me into implementing it.
  • Rankings (Fishing, Chess) should now be reset properly by the beta reset. Good catch, Xerf!
  • Maxwell’s rewards should be working properly. Thanks for the bug reports, Al and Argeth!
  • Exclusive buffs like music and fishing lures should display a little more cleanly. Good call, GoldS.
  • I added some more interactions with the Slags Medical Files. Thanks for the suggestions, Llamaman.
  • As mentioned on the podcast, added two new avatars.
  • And a big “thank you!” to Mag, Borkman, Vholes Piper, Nyther, Cryptodynamic, and Glass for reporting typos.


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