Midgard Warehouse

New area opened on the Docks. Don’t want to call it a quest per se, but there is a decent chunk of content there. It’s difficulty is in line with the upcoming Slags quest, so expect a bit of pain if you go in unprepared.

That said, it’s available as soon as you finish the Docks quest.

Some highlights:

  • Five brand new Techniques!
  • A new Skill that, although not easy to get, is pretty handy.
  • A whole slew of new items including some Midgard prototypes (read: schwanky).
  • Your first chance to fight (or run very quickly away from) a Midgard drone.

In addition to some other stuff I probably forgot, I’ve fixed a bug that was preventing Will bonuses from displaying properly. They worked, but they didn’t display in the description pop-up.

Next up, in game in the Slags quest, but I’ll also be putting together the framework of a wiki per everyone’s suggestion. Good idea!


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