About the Devs

Kinak, more properly known as Landon Winkler, is the main developer for Metroplexity. He handles all of the coding, scripting, writing, and other crazy stuff.

He’s been designing games since literally before he can remember, but the rest fall into the boardgame, tabletop RPG, or CCG categories. Metroplexity is his first stab at an actual video game.

Which is honestly a bit surprising, because he has a Computer Science degree and has been working in IT for quite awhile. Video games aren’t a natural fit for his type of stories or gameplay, though, and took a long time for all the right pieces to fall into place. He’s stoked by how well it’s turned out.

He was unemployed for about a year, which is why we started accepting donations early. Note that it’ll make you log in to view that page, so we know who to give the presents.

Puyo is the secret, unsung hero of the devteam. She does all the art for Metroplexity including the maps, opponents, techniques, and items.

There’ll be more details here once Puyo gives permission to post them :)

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