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Containment Suit Changes

Saturday, August 25th, 2012

Short version:
If you’re wondering where your containment suit pieces went, check under “heavy.” There’s new containment suit stuff to find. Enjoy!

Midgard Version:
In an effort to cut costs related to Slags cleanup, Midgard has begun supplying some of its guards with a stripped-down version of the containment suit.

Long version:
The containment suit has never quite worked the way I wanted, but I didn’t have a better solution until recently. The way they dropped never quite fit with the narrative, they made getting high Etheric Defense super easy, they didn’t work with crafting quite the way I wanted, and so on and so forth.

The old style of containment suit is now called “heavy” (for reasons that are probably obvious). There is now a new style of containment suit, along with some related new content and puzzles.

Once everything’s been figured out, the containment suit should be as fast or faster to find for Hel, but the heavy containment suit should take some extra work. And, more importantly to my mind, the process should make more sense in-world and have a lot more interesting choices, things that were missing in my original design.