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Man the Cannons!

Tuesday, March 13th, 2012

Past Prologue
If you’ve been listening to the podcasts, you probably heard about some changes coming down the pipe for Gang Warfare. Well, I’d like to take a second to talk about them here.

Allowing patrollers and ambushers to be in multiple places at once for Gang Warfare had a few unpleasant design effects (along with being a little weird). Among other things, it’s why there couldn’t be a system of “digging in” and fortifying areas.

So, you can no longer be in multiple places at once in Gang Warfare. Some will say it’s a nerf and I don’t disagree, although that’s not the main reason I had to make the change. You’re welcome to yell “NERRRRRRRRRRRRRF!” at your screen if it makes you feel better, though.

“But what about the fortification thing you were talking about?” you may ask if you lived to help me narrate (in which case, thanks). Well, I’m a big believer of delivering nerfs with a heaping side of new content that explains why the nerf had to happen.

There is now an unlockable ability to strengthen your patrols and ambushes with various special effects dependent on the area they’re in. That’s the generally sweet part I’ll let you work out yourself.

The part I want to be clearer on is that there are a few new interface bits to interact with to get supplies to the different areas.

  • Leaders and Beancounters can assign profits to different areas in the Gang Stash screen, similar to how smugglers work.
  • There’s a new Gang Missions tab under the quest log. You can toggle whether you’re helping fortify there. You don’t need to have fortification unlocked for yourself to help.

So if there’s supplies en route to the area you’re in and you’ve agreed to help, you get special non-combat encounters setting up the fortifications. You can get these regardless of whether you control the area, but you do have to be active in Gang Warfare.

The fortifications themselves vary from handy to crazy. There might be adjustments for balance later, but I’m feeling pretty good about them now.

How does only being in one place work?
Regarding the earlier topic, if you have a patrol or some ambushes already in place in another area, it will give you a message about not being in two places at once. You can stop your patrols or ambushes at any time from the Gang Warfare screen under your gang.