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Gang Interface Updates

Thursday, May 21st, 2009

Two neat new features in the gang interface today.

Gang Log: There’s a gang log now, viewable by all members. It holds data for 24 hours and includes PvP, spending Profits, and ordering from smugglers. If there’s anything else you’d like included, I can add more, just didn’t want to clutter it up at first.

You should see the last 24 hours of data collected already, because I’m a ninja like that. Thanks to Jick and The Kitchen Sink for the suggestions that fused to form this.

Multi-Sell: You can now sell multiple shipments at once and it provides what I think is pretty good feedback about what’s going on. Thanks again to Jick for the suggestion here. Someone else suggested this too (maybe the Kitchen Sink again), but I’ve lost track because I’m a dork.