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Mail Unmerge

Friday, September 2nd, 2011


We have a few changes going in with the mail system.

The main change is that mail has been split into multiple boxes, pushing the common automated messages into their own boxes.

  • The Inbox, all your mail that doesn’t fall into any of the following categories. This does still include some automated messages, like the ones from gifts, contacts, and events.
  • Sent Mail, which works how it has, but is now linked from the top rather than having to scroll down through all of creation.
  • Gang Warfare, for the messages you get for defending an area.
  • Subversion, for the new messages related to your sites being taken over.
  • And “Mall” for messages from OmniMall about orders being fulfilled. I kept gifts in the inbox because, well, who doesn’t want to know about gifts?

A couple random things to note:

  • When you click “Messages” up top, it’ll take you to either the folder with the most unread mail or, if you don’t have any unread, the last folder you were in.
  • Folders only show up in the list up top if they have messages in them (except your inbox), so don’t panic if you’re missing some options.
  • Edit: Delete All Unsaved now deletes all unsaved from your current folder.
  • All the folders have the send mail interface at the top. I’m not really sure if we want that universally. If it bugs anyone, start a thread on the forums and we’ll see where we don’t want it.

Thanks to the Fop for suggesting this! Let me know if you run into any problems.


Messages Cleanup

Monday, May 25th, 2009

Okay, the great message cleanup has begun.

As a side note, this isn’t really to cut down on server space or speed up the database or anything (although it certainly couldn’t hurt). It’s actually because I’ve been testing the Mall code thoroughly and I know I would want it the moment the mall code rolled out.


Messages Update

Sunday, May 24th, 2009

Due to popular demand (and the upcoming Mall), read unsaved messages will now autoclear themselves if left for long enough.

There are two timeframes for this:

  • 48 hours for system messages and messages from NPCs
  • 30 days for messages from other players (including me, even though I’m systemy)

You can completely avoid either of these by marking the message as saved. I’ll be starting this in a day or two, so you have a bit of warning.