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Chat Chatty Chat

Sunday, June 14th, 2009

So, mostly worked on chat today. Hopefully, the weirdness with it refreshing and losing what you’re typing or focus or both should be gone. Works like a charm for me, at least.

On a related note, you can now see the current time by mousing over “Who’s Here?” to go with the details on when messages came in by mousing over them.

Other Updates:

  • Added some pretty cool functionality to contacts, where I can plug in floating conversation bits (like asking Hawk about your friends or the Squatter King’s son) separately and have them show up as needed. In the process, Lo started blabbing about some crazy puzzle box. Thanks to Justin and Thrillhouse for helping me get him back under control.
  • The images in the Mall preview now link to their item descriptions. The text still links to the listings. Good suggestion, RazielSonOfKain.
  • Log messages for Gang Warfare should be showing up consistently now. Thanks for the bug report, Mag.
  • Beancounters should no longer get stealth-demoted everytime somebody leaves a gang. Thanks to PaidPiedPiperPal for helping sort this out and RazielSonOfKain for being the test subject.
  • Also thanks to RazielSonOfKain for reminding me that I hadn’t turned off image borders everywhere. Shouldn’t have to worry about them again.
  • Thanks to Cristiona for snagging a typo for us.