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Donation Items and Beta Reset

Monday, June 15th, 2009

After a lot of deep-thinking and soul-searching, we have a temporary answer to the question “I just donated, can I use my presents after resetting?” If you’re asking that question, go ahead and talk to Zack, he may have something for you.

For now, you’ll just receive your coins and puzzle boxes. I’m still not entirely clear on the path going forward, but wanted to get some sort of solution in for people.

So we’re 100% clear: this is just the plan for Beta. The final system that replaces it will have a lot more options, but probably will not include this one.

Thanks to everyone for their input on this. Hopefully this’ll take care of things for the time being.


Donations are In

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009

Okay, the donations page is in along with new face at Mikhail’s to help describe the process and reward a bit.

For the moment, only the basic reward (the Mr. A, if you will, the currency that is both neat on its own and can be used to buy future rewards) is in. I want to make sure the donation system is working properly before I start layering more stuff on top.

The link between us and Paypal isn’t tested out 100%, so there might be some weirdness there. Rest assured that if you donate, you’ll get your present quickly and you’ll be helping debug any problems there may be. In theory, it should be automatic as soon as your donation clears Paypal. Which is pretty cool.

Edit: The automatic processing seems to be working properly. Huzzah!


P.S.: As with many things in Metroplex, the reward is a bit more than meets the eye. Zack has some hints.