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New Year’s Bug Fixes

Sunday, January 6th, 2013

Have a nice mix of festive and, you know, normal bug fixes this time around.

  • Added a little something to the cracked mirror’s cauldron. Good call, GoldS.
  • Holosighting is now working properly. Thanks, Mag!
  • Fixed some issues with the Snow Avenger (or Snovenger, if you prefer) thanks to Argeth and Al.
  • Added some holiday music to appease GoldS’s insatiable lust for festive tunes.
  • Sorted out some problems with the towering snowman with an assist from Al and Cryptodynamic.
  • And negative Evasion Power now works consistently with other negative powers. Good catch Al!

Also thanks to Mag, xKiv, Cryptodynamic, Barton26, Xerf, and Penguinpyro for some typo fixes.