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Dark New Side Quest!

Sunday, November 16th, 2008

So we’ve got some brand new content, a side quest of fairly epic proportions. Lots of choices to be made and some new content to explore. You could (in theory) complete this quest as soon as you get to the Docks, but it’s about the same difficulty as the University quest.

Four new Skills can be gained, each related to one way of completing the quest. One of these is a newfangled ‘usable’ skill (if you get this skill, you can use it from the Character link in the top pane).

There are also three different lead-ins for the quest. Each provides different material rewards, but you can in theory get all three. One of the rewards is a hacking preview item (it’ll be obvious which one if you get it).

Fair warning, the content of this quest is rather darker and more fantastic than the current main quest content. It shows much more of Eclipse’s full effects.

Some other new stuff:

  • Formatted using items a bit better, so it’s more obvious where the item effect begins and ends.
  • Added a Skills section on the info page.
  • There are now over hundred items in the item database.
  • Added some neat support for scripting. This will hopefully be transparent, but will make it easier for me to add complex items/encounters/skills in the future.


University Quest In!

Tuesday, October 14th, 2008

The University quest is now in! Everything seems to be working but, as always, keep your eye out for bugs and use the bug report feature (or ingame mail) to let me know. This is far more complicated code-wise than the Docks or Southside Park quests, so I expect some problems to crop up.

Fair warning: be careful with this quest, because the enemies are playing for keeps. They’re not going to take you out, but others are under no such protection.

There is one notable loose end with the quest. There will be a side quest, probably implemented next, that will allow an alternate way to complete the quest.

And lastly, a few minor fixes:

  • Evasion bonuses now display on items and buffs. They were working before, just not displaying.
  • The bats attack you may have seen from enemies is now working properly.


Docks, Before and After

Monday, September 29th, 2008

As promised the docks (both above and below ground) now reflect the Fangs leaving. As part of this, there are actually two entirely new skills. (Of which you can get one. As always, choose your friends wisely.)

I think next on the agenda is going to be the University Quest (step 3 in the main quest line). There are also at least three little side quests that will get done as the inspiration strikes.


Southside Park, Before and After

Monday, September 22nd, 2008

You can now see the full results of the quests to clean up Southside Park. The Park itself post-quest has different, more peaceful, set of encounters. Don’t fear if you prefer a bit of the rough and tumble. There are some vicious combats available if you look.

A similar batch of content is planned for the Docks, reflecting the decline of the Fangs’ influence there as well.

Some minor changes:

  • The bug with certain experience gains (particularly Reflexes) not appearing until the next time you gain xp has been resolved.
  • There is now a section on Energy, Hunger, and Body at the info page.