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New Side Quest

Saturday, April 25th, 2009

There is a brand new side quest in. It’s close kin to the Ghoul Quest, showing a little bit more of what Eclipse can do when it really gets rolling.

It also pulls in a lot of the more recent content updates like Fishing, Armory, and Scavenging, although it doesn’t technically require them. A bunch of items, recipes, and ten new skills depending on the choices you make. Some of which are pretty damned cool and one of which shows off a new combat mechanic.

Also, special thanks to Argeth for getting the idea-ball rolling on this side quest.


Oh, the tangled webs…

Thursday, February 19th, 2009

Small new side quest up with a couple of interesting rewards. One is unlocking a new crafting (or maybe anti-craft would be a better way to put it).

It also, potentially, opens up a number of other small side quests, depending on your choices within the quest and elsewhere in the game. Most of these are fairly simple, but some require some serious jumps, and all reward skills. No guarantees, though.

And the token hint: the quest involves the Slags but by the time you get there, you might have forgotten the Contact that’s interested.


Gang Warfare

Wednesday, January 21st, 2009

Gang Warfare (aka PvP) is in. I’m expecting a huge share of issues to crop up, so please keep an eye out. There’s enough to it that I’d like to explain a bit in advance.

Short version, if you don’t like long explanations: play it, try it out, see if you like it, give lots of feedback.

To participate in Gang Warfare (or if you just want to form a group of likeminded characters), you need a Gang. Gangs can be created from a link in your character sheet (character link at the top of the page). Alternately, you can search for an existing gang. Creating a gang does cost some credits.

The gang leader (or leaders, you can name more than one) can elevate members to recruiter or beancounter. Recruiters can approve requests to join the gang, whitelist people (automatically let them join anytime), or blacklist people (permanently ignore them). Beancounters have to deal with the Gang Stash.

The Gang Stash
Once you join a gang, you can add items to the gang stash. These are packaged for sale by the gang’s beancounters. So any item you put in the gang stash is gone for good. Actual quest items (there aren’t that many) shouldn’t show up.

Shipments of items from the gang stash can be sold from the aptly “Gang Stash” link in the gang page. Only leaders and beancounters can do this. Normal members and recruiters can only add to the Gang Stash, which is done through a new link in the inventory page.

You can use those profits to buy hideouts in various areas (not Southside until you can move your house and not Inside the Slags because that’d be weird in game). These hideouts can be stocked with all sorts of stuff. For the most part these help while resting for the time being. More of these enhancements, like furniture, will be rolled out. Got some good juju here.

So… Warfare
Once you’ve joined a gang, there’s a Gang Warfare link at the top of the gang page. You can mark yourself as active in gang warfare here. It will take a few combats (note: not encounters, specifically combats) to start getting PvP encounters.

Four areas in Metroplex are active for PvP: Southside Park, The Docks, Dockside Sewers, and the Quad. As you adventure normally in those areas, you’ll run into PvP events. If another gang has a hold on the area, you’ll fight their members like a normal enemy. If you’ve eliminated all comers, your gang will start to build control.

When you build control, the game is basically copying your character for other people to fight. You don’t have to be online and it works like normal combat. Wounds are applied to this simulacrum, for example, not your actual hit points. The copy can be worn down over multiple combats, though, to prevent one strong player from gumming up the works.

Aside from the obvious satisfaction of beating up on other players and spreading your gang’s control over Metroplex? Actually quite a bit.

When you have enough control in an area, you will get special benefits related to that area. For example, controlling Southside Park unlocks the backroom of Little Eddie’s with a selection of interesting items.

Gang leaders can also set agendas for each area. These are listed on the Gang Warfare screen where you activate yourself for PvP. Once you have enough control, you’ll start getting adventures related to the agenda rather than the normal PvP encounters.

Here’s a quick overview:

  • Drive Demand – Increases the profits you get selling shipments from the gang stash.
  • Scavenge – Like dumpster diving on a cosmic gang-wide scale. Get lots of items from the area you’re lording over.
  • Security – Increases the number of combats you can queue in an area, making it harder to take back, to a certain limit. You can switch from this without losing the queued combats.
  • Shakedown – Shake down local businesses for credits
  • Vigilante Justice – Mete out justice on various more challenging opponents (often in groups). There’s a lot of potential for neat content here, but only one encounter for each area now.

There are also specific rewards for breaking into controlled areas, so don’t feel left out either way. A good back and forth should result in goodies for everyone.

You can choose an Avatar in the Gang Warfare screen, basically so other people have an image when they’re trying to beat on you. There are two avatars that are available right away and rumors of more you can unlock. Rumors that I’m starting right now… because they’re true.

Other Stuff
If you have other questions, ask me in game or in the comments section here and I’ll add the answers to this post if they don’t make it unwieldy.


Chance of Scattered Content

Sunday, December 21st, 2008

Taking a break from working on PvP to catch up on little bits of content that got put off during the Slags rollout.

Some content:

  • The obnoxious poets on the Quad have a bit more content to them.
  • Hound dust can now be used with Experimental Chemistry.
  • Midgard security guards have a new uncommon drop for all your riot supression needs.
  • A new religious order, the Blind Legion, have taken the place of the conspiracy theorist crazies.

Some fixes:

  • The quest feedback during the Dock Song quest is more descriptive. Thanks Rexque!
  • The Stream of Needles Technique has an image uploaded now. Thanks to Szodrin for pointing this one out.
  • Resting will no longer display “Continue On!” when that’s not a valid option with your location.

And lastly experimentation shows up above learned recipes now in the Crafting screens. The experimentation options were close to slipping clear off the bottom of Chemistry.

As always, if you have any feedback or bug reports, send them through the ingame Bug Report feature or a message to Player 1 (Kinak).


Slags Quest In!

Wednesday, December 10th, 2008

The Slags quest is in! Along with it, we’ve got a bunch of new content. A quick overview.

  • Two new maps including a whole bunch (four or more depending on how I felt like counting) new adventure areas.
  • A whole bunch of new enemies and items. A few new Techniques and two new Skills as well.
  • Crafting is a step towards being fully realized. There is a side quest unlocking Chemistry experimentation. Also a ton of Crafting love in general, more than quadrupling the available recipes.
  • Housing now has a place on the header bar when you’re near your residence. Rest has also been moved to the left so it’ll be a bit more prominent.

Of course, with this much content, there will invariably be some bugs and balance issues. Report those up to me so we can get them sorted out!


Midgard Warehouse

Friday, November 21st, 2008

New area opened on the Docks. Don’t want to call it a quest per se, but there is a decent chunk of content there. It’s difficulty is in line with the upcoming Slags quest, so expect a bit of pain if you go in unprepared.

That said, it’s available as soon as you finish the Docks quest.

Some highlights:

  • Five brand new Techniques!
  • A new Skill that, although not easy to get, is pretty handy.
  • A whole slew of new items including some Midgard prototypes (read: schwanky).
  • Your first chance to fight (or run very quickly away from) a Midgard drone.

In addition to some other stuff I probably forgot, I’ve fixed a bug that was preventing Will bonuses from displaying properly. They worked, but they didn’t display in the description pop-up.

Next up, in game in the Slags quest, but I’ll also be putting together the framework of a wiki per everyone’s suggestion. Good idea!


Dark New Side Quest!

Sunday, November 16th, 2008

So we’ve got some brand new content, a side quest of fairly epic proportions. Lots of choices to be made and some new content to explore. You could (in theory) complete this quest as soon as you get to the Docks, but it’s about the same difficulty as the University quest.

Four new Skills can be gained, each related to one way of completing the quest. One of these is a newfangled ‘usable’ skill (if you get this skill, you can use it from the Character link in the top pane).

There are also three different lead-ins for the quest. Each provides different material rewards, but you can in theory get all three. One of the rewards is a hacking preview item (it’ll be obvious which one if you get it).

Fair warning, the content of this quest is rather darker and more fantastic than the current main quest content. It shows much more of Eclipse’s full effects.

Some other new stuff:

  • Formatted using items a bit better, so it’s more obvious where the item effect begins and ends.
  • Added a Skills section on the info page.
  • There are now over hundred items in the item database.
  • Added some neat support for scripting. This will hopefully be transparent, but will make it easier for me to add complex items/encounters/skills in the future.


Alternate University Quest

Tuesday, November 11th, 2008

There is now an alternate way to complete the University quest, along with unlocking a bunch of other content. Its a bit more puzzling than the main path, but even folks who have followed the main quest path should be able to unlock the additional content.

Some of the content includes three new subareas, three new contacts, and a number of encounters scattered through old content. Good luck!


University Quest In!

Tuesday, October 14th, 2008

The University quest is now in! Everything seems to be working but, as always, keep your eye out for bugs and use the bug report feature (or ingame mail) to let me know. This is far more complicated code-wise than the Docks or Southside Park quests, so I expect some problems to crop up.

Fair warning: be careful with this quest, because the enemies are playing for keeps. They’re not going to take you out, but others are under no such protection.

There is one notable loose end with the quest. There will be a side quest, probably implemented next, that will allow an alternate way to complete the quest.

And lastly, a few minor fixes:

  • Evasion bonuses now display on items and buffs. They were working before, just not displaying.
  • The bats attack you may have seen from enemies is now working properly.


Docks, Before and After

Monday, September 29th, 2008

As promised the docks (both above and below ground) now reflect the Fangs leaving. As part of this, there are actually two entirely new skills. (Of which you can get one. As always, choose your friends wisely.)

I think next on the agenda is going to be the University Quest (step 3 in the main quest line). There are also at least three little side quests that will get done as the inspiration strikes.