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Flash Frozen Fixes

Tuesday, January 7th, 2014

They say that, if it gets cold enough, bugs you fix will freeze before they hit the ground. (more…)

All Hallow’s Fixes

Monday, October 28th, 2013

October’s been a busy month, so we have another round of improvements and bug fixes. (more…)

October Bug Fixes

Tuesday, October 15th, 2013

Thanks to everyone who reported October’s bugs and typos. (more…)

Mid-August Bugs

Thursday, August 22nd, 2013

Lots of bug fixes, mostly from people delving into ancient secrets man was not meant to know. Which is nice. Those secrets aren’t going to uncover themselves, after all!

  • Changed how Dark Smoke is gained. Good suggestion, Mag.
  • Resolved an issue where gang warfare wasn’t properly enforcing locality. Good catch Arkaim and sorry about that.
  • Fixed some issues with a Metroplex Day dragon, thanks to Borkman, Cryptodynamic, and Arkaim. Ironically, it’s the old dragon acting up.
  • Call the Swarm misplaced its chain number for a while. Found it under the couch cushions. Thanks to Heriodule for pointing it out.
  • Ancient Blood now should work more consistently in PvP. Thanks to Al and Vholes Piper for beating each other up old school.

Also thanks to Vholes Piper, Argeth, Cryptodynamic, PenguinPyro, and Mag for helping me smash some typos.


July Bug Fixes

Thursday, July 18th, 2013

We’ve got a bumper-crop of bug fixes here in July. Thanks to everyone for letting me know when things get a little weird.

  • The new explosives should work properly with Engineer Explosives. Good catch, Al.
  • Eating enemies that are literally made of fire should now give more appropriate results. Thanks for the suggestion, Barton26.
  • Fixed some error text popping up on stealth techniques. Thanks to new reporter Taikei no Yuurei for pointing that out.
  • Made a few changes to define music a bit more consistently. Thanks to Vholes Piper for giving the nudge I needed there.
  • And fixed a whole bunch of little issues with the hologram techniques that Valmo was eagle-eyed enough to notice. Well played, Valmo.

And thanks to Valmo, Heriodule, Vholes Piper, Mag, and Thrillhouse for making the game a more readable place by reporting typos.


February Bug Fixes

Tuesday, February 19th, 2013

With new content comes new bug fixes (and typos, so many typos). We’ve also got a few older ones in here that were waiting for some bugfixy friends.

  • Thanks to Heriodule, Barton26, Mosquito, Al, and Mag for helping the Novos rollout go smoothly.
  • The All Resets view now includes the year, thanks to a suggestion from Mag.
  • Reminded certain students on campus that the museum isn’t in ruins. Good catch, Dennis!
  • Properly defleshed Trash Golems. Thanks for taking a bite for the team, Heriodule!
  • And Iron Man runs now show up properly in the reset record. Congrats and thanks, Mag!

As far as typos go, thanks to Mag, Dennis, Al, PenguinPyro, Tros Dal, Arkaim, Thrillhouse, Argeth, and Xerf for tracking those down. And GoldS, especially GoldS.


December Bug Fixes

Tuesday, December 11th, 2012

Following Halloween’s update, I’ve been back to keeping better track of bug reports. Here’s a roundup for November and the start of December:

  • Added some Horror Westerns to appease Mag’s insatiable thirst for bl… Horror Westerns.
  • Cleaned up how skills are displayed in other player’s profiles. Thanks for the idea, Kinak!
  • Bathing in blood is now less time-consuming. Thanks for reporting that, Heriodule!
  • Fixed a URL manipulation issue with shops. Thanks Al!
  • Sorted out a quick issue in the main location page. Thanks DerMagus and SmokeyCastle!
  • Fixed an issue with the Holosight Rifle not applying its bonus correctly. Good catch PenguinPyro!
  • Zack now returns toad statues properly. Thanks for the head’s up, Al!

And thanks to Nosearmy, Mag, Cryptodynamic, Nyther, and Penguinpyro for some typo fixes.


Halloween Thanks

Tuesday, November 13th, 2012

I’d like to take a second to thank everyone who helped corral bugs during Halloween and the aftermath. There was a lot of content and, as you will, a lot of bugs.

GoldS, Mag, Vholes Piper, Dennis, Al, Cryptodynamic, Xerf, Thrillhouse, Happy Yeti, Factitious, Barton26, and Heriodule helped out with typo reports. You rule!

We also had GoldS, Happy Yeti, Cryptodynamic, Argeth, Garbal, Heriodule, and Al with full-on bugs. Thank you!

Along with everyone here, thank you to everyone who participated and just enjoyed the content.


August Bug Fixes

Tuesday, August 28th, 2012

We have a nice round of August bug fixes. They’re not quite as majestic as august bug fixes, but we’ll make do.

  • Midgard Biotech now has its daily allotment of vitamin Hound. Good call, Heriodule!
  • Added a conversation option for Dr. Thomas when you believe your trail is dead. Thanks for the suggestion, BigBellyJarelli.
  • Fixed an issue eating multiple crystal spines. Om nom nom. Thanks Al!
  • Sorted out some issues with fishing modifiers. Thanks for the extreme spading, Valmo.
  • Bat Swarms’ attacks should now be working as they describe. Good eyes, Al.
  • Fixed some issues with Hel not accepting the new suit. What can I say? She’s a containment suit hipster. Thanks, Heriodule!
  • Muffled Sight is now cleared properly by the Slags Antidote. Good suggestion, Al.

Also fixed up a whole load of typos thanks to Mag, Vholes Piper, Cryptodynamic, Al, Argeth, Barton26, Valmo, and GoldS! Woooooo!


March Bug Fixes

Monday, March 19th, 2012

A nice roundup of bugs and fixes this time.

  • Fixed a bug resulting in fighting your own doppelganger for control in gang warfare… which really sounds like a feature when I say it like that, but was a problem. Thanks Cheeetar and Thrillhouse!
  • The smuggler’s maps should be properly costing profits now. Thanks for the head’s up Jess!
  • Resolved an issue with Legion Tracts not granting their rewards consistently. Good catch, Argeth!
  • Adding some special effects (more, more!) to Ghoul Touched. Good suggestions, Al and xKiv.
  • And, I stopped breaking standards to support IE 5.5, poor IE 5.5, no love from xKiv. Or, you know, me.

Also thanks to Heriodule, Barton26, GoldS, Al, xKiv, Mag, Jesse, and Vholes Piper for some typo fixes.