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This Week’s Updates

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

A fair amount of updates this week. Mostly today, really. I spent most of the week taking a leg of the Survivors’ Quest from “straightforward” to “wee options!”

Two things from the “accidental petition” mailbag:

  • Hawk and Dr. Thomas now have explicit responses to you bailing on their deal and trying to free your friends directly.
  • There’s now a link to clear all of your hacking targets, if you’re so inclined. I take no responsibility if you regret clicking it later.

A bunch of bug fixes:

  • Corrected some issues with adding new hacking targets to the list. Thanks Argeth and Al for your help sorting through this one.
  • Fixed a craaaaaaazy bug where end of round damage could take out an entire group of enemies when paired with an earlier area of effect attack. Thanks to Mag for his spading and patience while I figured this one out. It was quite the doozy.
  • The character pane should now refresh after encounters that cost no energy (reflecting new locations, effect changes, attribute increases, and the like). Good catch, PaidPiedPiperPal.
  • Hacking encounters shouldn’t give ironic SQL errors when you defeat the defenders. Thanks, Argeth and RazielSonofKain!

Let’s see… SDnanos are now salvagable with interesting results. Thanks, Llamaman.

Also corrected some typos courtesy of RikiTikiTavi, Mag, Caradal, Thrillhouse, Blarghgh, and Al. <3 Cheers! Kinak

Hacking Updates

Thursday, September 3rd, 2009

A few updates, almost all hacking related. Because that is how I roll, apparently.

  • One of the ways hacked sites leave the system wasn’t implemented. It should be working now.
  • When fighting multiple defenders in hacking, one being destroyed should now show an appropriate void. Thanks to Starwed, Mag, and Nyther for the bug reports!
  • Sands of Time got a buff so it can now defeat the Firewall tool. Thanks Rykar, for getting me on this train of thought.
  • In a strangely non-hacking update, hopefully fixed a long standing issue where techniques that care what your opponent is doing didn’t care if your opponent was dead. If that didn’t make sense, just ignore it :) Thanks JTN2001!
  • And thanks to Nyther, Thrillhouse, and particularly Mag for some typo fixes.


Post GenCon Wrap-Up

Wednesday, August 19th, 2009

So, between my long weekend and the beginning of this week I fixed a ton of bugs and typos. I apologize in advance if I miss something in the list, but it’s the most thorough accounting I have.

  • Fixed a bunch of early bugs within hacking. Thank you Rykar, Thrillhouse, Zelandoni, Nyther, Jick, Man Mobile, Blarghgh, and NX_Phoenix.
  • Folks shouldn’t be getting blank spaces in hacking tools anymore. Thanks to Mag and Man Mobile for reporting this one.
  • The special decompilers should work. Thank you RazielSonOfKain.
  • You can no longer get stuck on the second floor of the Slags tower. Thanks for the bug report, Llamaman.
  • Switching for a lower processor computer shouldn’t confuse the installation requirements screen anymore. Good catch, Harrakan!
  • The A student no longer decides he needs more Eclipse every time you talk about art. Thanks llamaman!
  • Made another stab at fixing Petrol Splash. Thanks Valera and JTN2002 for the testing!
  • Added some new dialogue options for Lo. Good call Serenity.
  • Dual Armored Vest is now function, thanks to RazielSonOfKain.
  • Fixed the grammar for equipping and unequipping items that start with ‘the.’ Thanks Shademaster00 and Rykar.
  • Added Data and Programs to the mall. Thanks Rykar!
  • Thanks to Cryptodynamic for doublechecking I’m not giving you those trashy drone hounds when you’re supposed to get lean, mean twisted hounds :)
  • Your X-Ray vision, although potent, no longer allows you to see Professor Evans through his door. Thanks Wyrd!
  • As it turns out, vats of acid are not filled with little dolls and dried fish are not made out of tarnished coins. Who knew? Besides Shademaster00 and Cryptodynamic, that is?
  • Also fixed a load of typos courtesy of Artie Effham, Edwahd, Sir Cheddar, Rykar, Thrillhouse, jetalynn, dfmchfhf, Mag, Zelandoni, Man Mobile, Jick, Wyrd, Borkman, and RazielSonOfKain. Thanks everyone!


The bugs, they are fixed

Tuesday, August 4th, 2009

Just a couple updates over the last few days, mostly bug fixes.

  • The Gang Warfare subscreen shouldn’t get confused between offense and defense anymore (it was displaying control of the area after successful offense). Excellent catch, Mag!
  • The Southside Park quest should prevent you from getting Carlos and the bum on your side at the same time now. Thanks for finding this one, Wyrd.
  • Fixed a bug with certain stranded sailors counting twice in the Ghost Ship quest. Thanks for the excellent bug report, Juntao.
  • Corrected some problems with watching Television healing more than just chillin. Thanks Rykar and The Kitchen Sink!
  • Your character pane should now refresh after getting beaten up by Shard, rather than showing you as having hit points. Thanks for the bug report, Mr. Green!
  • And, last but not least, corrected some typos from Rykar, Borkman, and Thrillhouse. Thanks!

Also, the Living Sludge enemy, from the shoreline, now… interacts with the containment suit. Good suggestion, Argeth.


Quick Updates

Thursday, July 23rd, 2009

There’ve been a couple updates recently, just want to post them so we be all up to date.

  • Completely revamped the luxury foods smuggling. You get more foods as your smugglers build up connections with the upper crust. New foods have also been added and existing foods have had their Energy decreased.
  • Corrected a major mall bug where old orders weren’t copied over properly when you reclaimed your items with reset. Big thank you to PaidPiedPiperPal for being the guinea pig on this one!
  • Skill levels on other people’s skills now show their level, not yours. Thanks Mag and others for harassing me until I implemented this :)
  • Joining chat while you’re in a gang now defaults to being in both Open and Gang, rather than just Gang. Thanks Llamaman, RazielSonOfKain, and Mag for brining this one up.
  • The quest log entry for helping out Angela should now appear after you help her out. Thanks for the bug report, Zelandoni!
  • We also have some typo fixes from Thrillhouse, Arcturas, PaidPiedPiperPal, and Rykar.


New Item at Zack’s House of Coins

Wednesday, July 15th, 2009

We have a new item at Zack’s House of Coins, the Prototype Coat.

It’s the first one coin donation item, being far less complex than the puzzle box. Even so, I couldn’t really help myself, most of the coat’s abilities will probably still need a bit of figuring out.

Like the puzzle box, it’s a bit of a swiss army knife, but the way it achieves that is totally different. Anyway, I think it’s pretty damned cool and effective without as complex and fidgety. I hope you like it.

Also a couple changes real quick:

  • The Gang Warfare pane in the Gang tab will give feedback based on whether you’re actually ready for gang warfare (having engaged in enough combat since opting to join).
  • Modify checked in messages now gives feedback on what it did. Thanks for the suggestion, Mr. Green.
  • The quest log now gives appropriate feedback if you’ve deleted Mikhail’s message. Thanks for the head’s up, Soulmech!
  • And some typo fixes from Thrillhouse, The Kitchen Sink, and Rykar. Thanks you three!



Friday, July 10th, 2009

Bunch of little updates today. Mostly been working on the Survivors’ Quest and exciting server issues, but found time for some updates.

  • There’s now better information for the Gang Log about your members finally getting control of areas. Thanks to Mr. Green for making me realize I hadn’t done this already.
  • Totally rewrote how Petrol Splash works. It should function as advertised now. Thanks to Harrakan and The Kitchen Sink for their good, detailed bug reports.
  • There’s now a ‘Modify Checked’ at the top of your inbox too. Good suggestion, Mr. Green.
  • Usable skills will now work properly even if you’re in the middle of changing capitalization or setting your gender. Thanks Sir Cheddar!
  • Going through Beta Reset shouldn’t kick you out of Chat anymore. Thanks for the report Mr. Green!
  • Typos hunted and eliminated thanks to Thrillhouse, Man Mobile, The Kitchen Sink, Valera, and PaidPiedPiperPal.

Also, in the department of vague patch notes:

  • Unearthly coins trigger text was occasionally missing some text, which should be fixed now.
  • Quantum Mechanics should now be giving headaches properly.
  • There’s now another use for Cups of Joe. Thanks for the suggestion Argeth!

In the background, I’m working on the Survivors’ Quest. There are two big blocks that I can push separately, so I’ve been hard at work on the first.

Also, I was just looking at the old blog posts and it’s been almost a year since Metroplexity launched. August 13th, mark your calendars :)


Mid-Origins Update

Friday, June 26th, 2009

Just wanted to post an update about the changes made over the last couple of days. I’ve been keeping up on Bug Reports and plugging away at Survivors’ quest stuff. Puyo’s here, cranking out good arts. Pretty productive week for how little I’ve been at the house.

Couple fixes to report:

  • Fixed a bug that was overwriting your hand in combat with bad data. Huge thanks to Man Mobile and Starwed for helping figure this one out.
  • There’s now a more obvious, but hopefully not too obtrusive, link to donate. Good suggestion, The Kitchen Sink.
  • Dr. Thomas should now be a bit more coherent when talking about the Hammer. Thanks for the note Zeladoni.
  • Gaining control in PvP no longer gives you a message talking about how you’re going to get control eventually. Good catch, the Kitchen Sink.
  • Also thanks to PaidPiedPiperPal, Thrillhouse, Wyrd, and Mag for typokilling.


Chat Chatty Chat

Sunday, June 14th, 2009

So, mostly worked on chat today. Hopefully, the weirdness with it refreshing and losing what you’re typing or focus or both should be gone. Works like a charm for me, at least.

On a related note, you can now see the current time by mousing over “Who’s Here?” to go with the details on when messages came in by mousing over them.

Other Updates:

  • Added some pretty cool functionality to contacts, where I can plug in floating conversation bits (like asking Hawk about your friends or the Squatter King’s son) separately and have them show up as needed. In the process, Lo started blabbing about some crazy puzzle box. Thanks to Justin and Thrillhouse for helping me get him back under control.
  • The images in the Mall preview now link to their item descriptions. The text still links to the listings. Good suggestion, RazielSonOfKain.
  • Log messages for Gang Warfare should be showing up consistently now. Thanks for the bug report, Mag.
  • Beancounters should no longer get stealth-demoted everytime somebody leaves a gang. Thanks to PaidPiedPiperPal for helping sort this out and RazielSonOfKain for being the test subject.
  • Also thanks to RazielSonOfKain for reminding me that I hadn’t turned off image borders everywhere. Shouldn’t have to worry about them again.
  • Thanks to Cristiona for snagging a typo for us.


Putting More “War” in Gang Warfare

Friday, June 12th, 2009

Put in a fairly significant Gang Warfare update today, which I’ll try to explain below. Short version is that defending in Gang Warfare now involves actual fighting and less staring at non-combats.

How It Worked
Once you beat down the previous defenders in an area, you’d gain control through non-combats (which prepare fights for future challengers). Then, after a while, it stops queueing fights and you just get the delicious, delicious benefits.

The Change
Now, when someone is challenging control of your area by defeating your defenders, you need to actually beat them back down instead of just having another non-combat to repair the damage. Assuming you’re successful, you repair the damage just like the old non-combat would.

These new sort of queued fights also can transition over into Control when you take out the old controllers, so you might be able to skip the “gaining control” non-combats entirely.

So defenders in Gang Warfare get to actually fight people rather than hitting a bunch of non-combats. And so that there’s a little more symmetry between attacking and defending. Previously, there was nothing an attacker could do that the defenders couldn’t undo with a non-combat, where now, both sides win or lose in actual PvP.

Other updates for today:

  • There were some SQL connection errors which have apparently been resolved by our hosts, but if you run into any more of those, give me a holler. Thanks to Thrillhouse and JTN2002 for reporting these.
  • Resolved the PHP errors related to last night’s account preferences rollout. Thanks to Borkman, Lord Finisher, and Hastur the Unspeakable for isolating these.
  • Recipes that you cannot complete due to missing components will now have their radio buttons greyed out. Good suggestion, Al and xKiv!
  • And also thanks to Jick and Pyren for taking care of some typos for us.